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No cook? No time? Hungry for delicious, home-cooked meals? No problem.

KUSINA offers lovingly-prepared, hearty "ulams" for you to enjoy with your loved ones. We at KUSINA understand there are times you need a good meal-- for the tummy, for the heart & soul--  meals that taste like it was prepared and cooked by someone who cares for you (We really miss our childhood "Manangs" too)... 

We'll do the heavy lifting for you -- Let us do the marketing, the prepping, the cooking, the tough-stain pot-scrubbing and with a sprinkling of thought in every dish; simply re-heat and enjoy the food we've prepared for you.

Each package contains a generous serving for two, vacuum-packaged and delivered frozen to your doorstep. Store them in your freezer until you're ready to heat and serve.

We use only premium ingredients (nothing but the best for your loved ones), and slow-cook, bake, broil, steam etc.. everything for you. No instant mixes, everything made from scratch. Just like your Lola did. 

Taste the difference; feel the love, effort & time in every dish. KUSINA tastes and feels like home.