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Brioche Buns & 1908 Burgers (Ready-To-Cook)

PHP 500.00

Lovingly-Baked Brioche Buns by Crust&Crumb and our 1908 Burgers: Homemade, handmade, absolutely no extenders or preservatives... An heirloom recipe, made "infamous" in a home with address #1908 ;)

Frozen and ready to fry / grill

An easy way to enjoy burgers at home, with all your favorite fixings! (Shown in photo with sliced cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and bacon) 

Brioche Buns: DO NOT DEFROST.

To heat: place in oven toaster, then grill on pan (after frying burger patties). Slather mayonnaise or butter, as desired.

Burger patties: DO NOT DEFROST. 

Remove plastic bag, and fry in oil (cover the pan so the steam rolls around), or grill

6 pieces Brioche Buns & 1908 Burgers per package, frozen