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Cottage Pie

PHP 250.00

Comforting Cottage Pie (also known as Sheperd's Pie for some)... a complete meal in itself, but some of us still prefer to #JustAddKanin

This serving is good for one if you're very hungry (or don't want to share, that's ok!)... When served with rice, toast, or more mashed potatoes, can easily serve two.

When reheating, add a beaten egg and grated cheese topping for extra gooey-ness :D

To defrost: Submerge bag in tap or hot water for 5-10 minutes

To reheat: Remove bag, heat in oven or toaster, covered in aluminum foil... For last 5 minutes of reheating, remove aluminum foil cover to brown the top...


*Serving good for 1-2

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