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Weekday Set 2

PHP 1,450.00

You're exhausted when you get home from your busy day, and just want to eat something quick but hearty. Here's an easy alternative to fast-food or canned goods (you know it's not good for you, right?):

Simply transfer the packages every morning (before you head out) to the refrigerator to thaw while you're out, and they will be ready to reheat in time for dinner.

OR Bring them with you to work, and reheat them at the office!

*Each package contains a generous serving for two (2) persons, OR enough for two (2) meals. Hooray for leftovers!


Day 1: Beef Sinigang sa Kamias-- Ready-To-Heat & Eat

        *Best paired with our Bangus Ala Pobre or Lumpiang Bangus (additional order, not included in this set)

Day 2: Grilled Chicken in OO Sauce-- Ready-To-Heat & Eat

        *Pair with your favorite salad

Day 3: Toyoba-- Ready-To-Heat & Eat

        *Pair with some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers

Day 4: Beef Mechado-- Ready-To-Heat & Eat

        *Pair with crispy french fries!

Day 5: Bangus Ala Pobre (no need to thaw ahead)-- Ready-To-Cook

        *Best paired with our Sinigang na Baboy (additional order, not included in this set)

Easy, convenient, delicious and hearty meals for you throughout the week, without the fuss.